Periodontics focuses on treating diseases that damage the gums and supporting structures for the teeth. If you have a difficult time keeping your gums healthy, you may notice inflammation, redness, or pain around your teeth. There are different types of gum disease, and each should be treated quickly by a professional.

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Types of Gum Disease

There are two different types of gum disease:

  • Gingivitis: A type of gum disease where the gums become inflamed and turn red. They may bleed when brushed or cause bad breath. Some people have more sensitive gums than others and may be more susceptible to gingivitis. However, with proper oral care and support from a dentist specializing in gum disease, you can reverse the effects of gingivitis.
  • Periodontitis: A more severe type of gum disease that may be a result of untreated gingivitis. You may notice significant amounts of swelling and pain. As the tissue continues to swell and tissue becomes weaker, a space may grow between the gum and tooth. This traps additional bacteria causing more swelling. This may cause you to lose teeth due to weakness in the surrounding tissue and bone. Periodontitis is irreversible and may require more frequent exams and hygiene treatments.

Seek Professional Help

Whether you have gingivitis or periodontitis, early identification and intervention from a professional dentist is essential. A dentist specializing in gum disease can help treat periodontitis and develop a plan of care. Without this intervention, you may be at risk for permanent damage such as tooth loss and weak gums. To prevent these effects, contact Smile at Ashburn Dental to schedule an appointment today.